Single Mothers vs. Foreclosure

Much is often made of how high-stakes and fast-paced today’s world is, usually in reference to the large-scale levels that cannot be ignored. The pace of the work world is much more competitive and the payoffs are larger than ever, matched only in size by the also-potentially-immense pitfalls.  Growing up, none of us could probably have ever imagined such a world was waiting for us, and we would probably have been right to assume that the world would present us with as many potential tragedies as potential triumphs. Moving from the large-scale focus to the small-scale focus, such a situation is certainly visible and at hand. This is because looking at the lives of individuals who have had to eke out an existence in the world today gives us a peek into lives filled with difficult decisions and trying moments that really and truly test our outer and inner limits alike as we try to keep the important things intact amidst our pursuit of success.

These choices have far-reaching implications that reach across the many social classes and far within individual lives. Our ideas of a traditional individual life, a traditional marriage, a traditional family, and a traditional workplace have all been challenged and changed by time and by developments that have revolutionized the way that we live. Many former standards have been overturned by the need to adapt and change to meet the standards in a fast-moving modern world. Single parenthood is now a hardly unusual phenomenon, and is in fact rather commonplace in a world where marriages are not as final or binding as before. Nevertheless, all this has not stopped single parents from working hard to secure a good life for their children.

Single mothers in particular are stirring cases to view, largely due to the inspiration we can gain from witnessing the strength they invest in making sure their children live good lives despite the challenges they face. Sending kids to school and providing for them as they try to establish their own lives and chart their futures is no easy feat for a single mother, who has numerous expenses to contend with even as she works to move her own life forward where she can.

Some of the many expenses contended with by single mothers include high-stakes expenses such as mortgages and expenses related to rental agreements, which must be dealt with in order to keep from foreclosure. These may be unfortunate outcomes but they are true realities borne by the way that the world is today. Single mothers are not always able to plan and predict every last detail, and as such expenses such as these can sneak up on them in the midst of the many considerations they are already occupied with managing. In truth, foreclosure is already a truly scary possibility for most people, but considering that their resources are often spread much more thinly and across more concerns, single mothers face it as a more likely possibility than most would. Thankfully, there are means for getting assistance that many simply are not aware of or end up taking for granted. The government and some sponsoring institutions offer assistance for single mothers at the state, local and federal levels.




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15 Responses to Single Mothers vs. Foreclosure

  1. Afton fields says:

    Hi I’m a single mom and I work and go to school for dental I don’t have any help and I’m having a hard time I live with my family right now but I’m one of 12 kids myself I don’t have a room nor dose my son and we feel unwelcome a lot there we just want a place to call home it doesn’t have to be much just a home

  2. Marie Boiser says:

    I need help finding somewhere to go.

  3. SIERRA says:


  4. trese says:

    been trying to get on a section 8 list now for 2 or 3 years. need my own place a..s .a.p..

  5. Evelyn Horne says:

    I would like to relocate and buy a home. I need help and guidance in this area.

  6. Melissa Ware says:

    I am in need of a two bedroom home, and I have a three year old little girl.

  7. bintou jaiteh says:

    i would like a section 8 housing for me and my new born baby

  8. Selina lyles says:

    Im impressed about ur website I am open for the help that you provide.

  9. Enyd M Collazo says:

    Im 31 years old single mother I have five childrens

  10. Candle says:

    Hi im a 31 year old single mom if 3. 2 grls&1baby boy.the fathers do NOT help me in any kind of way.its very stressful and sumtimes over n need of a rental that excepts sec-8. In modesto,ca

  11. Laura Hernandez says:

    Hi I’m 32 single mother of 5 beautiful kids. I need to get on section 8. We live in a 1 bedroom garage. I also need to file for bankruptcy cause My credit score is beyond low so please help me. Thank you

  12. Henryisha says:

    I am a single mother I work and go to school and I just don’t make enough to make ends meet and I need some help

  13. Deveda says:

    I am a single mother of Five kids.I dunt wanna have to get a job. We are currently get a lot of government assistance but want more. I want a new car and deserve one. I would also love to move into a free house. I need some help now.

  14. latasha perez says:

    Hi I’m a single parent lookin 4 a place 4 me n my kids I get very little income

  15. Damaris says:

    I am a divorced mom of two sons, one of which is special needs. I work full-time trying to keep my head above water. The home I had bought back in 2000 is now in short sale under contract because of loss of spousal income and market value in housing, etc. I would have to move in about a month or two. Would like a fresh start for my sons to go to school and excell far beyond I could ever imagine and a good place to live. I need a miracle financial breakthough, assistance with my housing situation.

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